Reiko Rose WAHINE is a subscription box for the Hawaii-loving wahine (woman). A subscription box means that it’s delivered regularly to your (or her) mailbox (four times a year, to be exact), so it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

This Hawaii subscription box is not a beauty box or a snack box (those do exist). Our box is a nice variety of Hawaii-made items that will appeal to anyone who is in love with Hawaii like we are. Our box features five to six specialty Hawaii-made products in every box - from Aloha-inspired household items to tropical beauty products; from Hawaii-art items to sweet treats and silk orchid hair accessories. To top things off, each box is accompanied by a live Hawaiian plant start or packet of seeds to plant (yes, they will grow on the mainland!).

Reiko Rose WAHINE box is guaranteed to bring a big smile to any Hawaii-loving wahine, all year long (also available as a one-time gift box). To purchase a subscription or a single box, please click on the blue buttons below. Mahalo!


The current WAHINE box contains products made by these talented Hawaii companies:

Please Note: To have the 4th Quarter Wahine Box (holiday box) in your subscription, please order by: Sunday, December 16th. All subscriptions ordered after this day will begin with the 2019 1st Quarter Wahine Box as the 1st box. Mahalo for your understanding!


Reiko Rose WAHINE Hawaii Box



Please Note: To order the 4th Quarter Wahine Box (holiday box), please make sure that your order is placed by: Sunday, December 16th. All orders that are received after this day will be for the 2019 1st quarter wahine box. Mahalo for your understanding!


Reiko Rose WAHINE Hawaii Box

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