Jenn & Reiko Rose

Jenn & Reiko Rose


Who we are

Reiko Rose is a girl from Maui, Hawaii. She is my wonderful daughter and the inspiration for this Hawaii subscription box company. My name is Jenn and I grew up with a love for sending and receiving mail. My dad was a postman and I got to ride in his mail jeep with him, going mailbox to mailbox to deliver letters and packages. So much fun! 

Our company started with monthly boxes for girls. Eventually, we grew to include boxes for women. One of my sons likes to remind me that we should have boxes for boys and men. Someday! For now, we are rollin' with the girl power, and happy to know that our boxes will be making some girl or woman smile when they open their mailbox!

Life in Hawaii is obviously centered around beach life and the beauty of the ocean. There is something else that exists though, something that is unique to the people of Hawaii. It's a humble appreciation of the little things in life: a flower lei, an owl in flight, cultural pride, the understanding of what Aloha truly means. It is all of this and more that we intend to capture in our boxes and share with you. It's the Aloha, Beauty & Wonder of Hawaii.